Who Are We

Australian Institute of Science & Technology is a Registered vocational college committed to excellence and professionalism. The college offers a caring and supportive learning environment, with courses which provide a broad range of career opportunities.

Our new campus is located 15 minutes from the centre of Melbourne by train; and, also located for students who are looking for learning opportunities in NSW Countryside – Wollongong. It is a specialist learning organisation that delivers Advanced Diploma, Diploma and Certificate courses in Leadership, Management, Information Technology and other trade streams, enabling industries across for various service deliveries.

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Focus On Quality

At AIST, our prime focus is on delivering quality training and assessment. We ensure that student’s support services are given utmost importance. Once enrolled with AIST students have a promising career pathway. Majority of the students start with single qualification and continue to enhance their career prospects by enrolling in further qualifications that are being provided by AIST.

Our Training staffs are highly qualified with relevant industry experience. Trainers and Assessors are exposed to internal and external professional development opportunities where they get the provision to update their knowledge and skills.


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Upcoming Intakes

Name Course Start Date Course End Date
NSW-DLM-8JAN24-6JUL25 08/01/2024 06/07/2025
VIC-DLM-8JAN24-6JUL25 08/01/2024 06/07/2025
BSB50420 Online Applications - H.Intake